Phenylketonuria, also called PKU, is a rare, inherited disorder that causes a buildup of the amino acid phenylalanine in the body. PKU is the result of a defect in the gene needed to synthesize the enzyme that breaks down phenylalanine. PKU patients must follow a diet that limits the intake of phenylalanine, which is present in certain proteins and in the artificial sweetener aspartame.

To help with dietary management of this condition, Solace Nutrition has developed NeoPhe LNAA Lemon Flavored Powder and NeoPhe LNAA tablets. This medical food powder or tablets contain a clinically proven combination of large neutral amino acids (LNAA), which block phenylalanine at the gut level, resulting in lower blood phenylalanine.

In addition, our PreKUnil LNAA Tablets inhibit phenylalanine transport across the blood-brain barrier, in addition to providing the essential amino acid L-lysine, and vitamins B6 and B12. The above-described Solace Nutrition medical foods allow most PKU patients to eat more liberal diets and decrease their consumption of low-protein foods.

NeoPhe LNAA Powder or Tablets, and PreKUnil LNAA Tablets are available for purchase only on behalf of individuals under medical supervision and current medical care.

In addition, we realize that in many cases, especially when using our medical foods for managing specific rare conditions, more in-depth knowledge may be required. Please contact our experienced customer service team immediately if this applies. We are happy to work with you one-on-one to assist you in utilizing these specialized products for maximum patient benefit.