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Solace Nutrition is a medical nutrition company with a passion for manufacturing and offering safe, reliable, and effective nutrition formulas that help individuals with unique nutritional needs.

  • Safe – from design, formula, sourcing, and production of products.
  • Reliable – quality-focused in our products, facility, processes, and service.
  • Effective – products designed and formulated with the support of healthcare professionals in each disease area.

Solace Nutrition offers a range of products across five product lines. These lines include NanoVM®, Cyto®, Metabolics, SolMods, and neoKe®.

The company was founded in 2006 and has been operating in Pawcatuck, Connecticut, for more than ten years. Today, we are a fast-growing and dedicated team committed to providing products that help our customers use dietary management of their disease conditions. Everything we develop and make is created to understand how important the health and well-being of those that consume our products are.

The health and safety of our customers come before everything else. We ensure that our facility is a safe and clean environment and that our products are safe and verified as we are NSF Certified and operate under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). These values are the foundation of our company and will always be continually monitored and striving for improvement.

We are aware of the global challenges that we all face. We strive to be sustainable and to consider the social impacts of our entire operation. We do this by recycling and reusing all materials that we can, transporting our products efficiently, and only working with suppliers and vendors with similar principles.

Our Mission

To develop medical nutritional products with strong scientific backgrounds that target diseases that can be better managed through nutrition and promote quality of life.

Our Technology

A continual program of technology analysis, licensing, and acquisition is the mission for the success of Solace. Our program maintains close ties with major research institutions and organizations worldwide that are involved in chronic disease. All relevant technologies are considered as candidates for synergy with the corporation. By incorporating novel technology, Solace will continue to take a leadership role in chronic disease and nutritional management.