Nutrition and Chronic Disease Management

Solace Nutrition's wide range of medical food products are available for purchase for those under medical supervision and current medical care. The formulations are geared toward specific, often rare, conditions that may be alleviated or managed by medical foods.

Our products are designed by doctors specialized in the area of disease for which the products are intended. All Solace Nutrition formulations and ingredients are backed by extensive research and formulated in accordance with guidelines published by major research institutions and organizations worldwide that are involved in chronic disease. These include the National Institute of Health, US Food and Drug Administration, and several other high-level research and technological entities.

Organized according to the disorders for which Solace Nutrition has developed dietary management formulations, our products can be easily reviewed by physicians treating patients with these unique and serious conditions.

We encourage you to review our FAQs page to learn more about Solace Nutrition product lines and individual formulations.

In addition, we realize that in many cases, especially when using our medical foods for managing specific rare conditions, more in-depth knowledge may be required. Please contact our experienced customer service team immediately if this applies. We are happy to work with you one-on-one to assist you in utilizing these specialized products for maximum patient benefit.