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How to Order

*Orders placed after 1pm Eastern Standard Time will be processed the next business day. For emergency orders that need to be placed after this hour, please call us at (888) 8-765223.

Solace Nutrition products can be purchased out of pocket by ordering directly on our website or by calling our toll-free number at (888) 8-SOLACE, (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST). We can ship directly to your door.

Retail Customers

Medical Foods and dietary supplements developed by Solace Nutrition are highly specialized. Many are geared to specific rare disorders that may present differently among individual patients and may be complicated by comorbid conditions. For this reason, our products may only be purchased on behalf of individuals under medical supervision and current medical care.

To place an order, the following is required:

  • Valid credit card information (all major cards are accepted)

DME’s, Specialty Pharmacies, and Hospital Ordering

Please click the link below for our Business Credit Application form. 

We’ve provided a list of our products according to the product line, along with coding required for insurance processing. In addition to the Product Code and packaging specifications for each, we’ve listed corresponding Universal Product (UPC), Reimbursement Code, and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes for your convenience.

Note to mobile device users: Touch and hold, and slide left and right on the table below to see the entire contents.

Product Product Code UPC Code Reimbursement
HCPCS Code Packaging Form
Cyto-Q 1201 8-57771-00701-3 57771-0007-01 A9270 1 box x 30 liquipaks
Cytotine 1202 8-57771-00191-6 57771-0001-91 B4155 1 bottle x 480 mL
Cyto-Q MAX 1204 8-57771-00702-4 57771-0007-02 B4155 1 bottle x 170 mL
Cyto B2 1205 8-57771-00703-1 57771-0007-03 A9270 1 container x 100 g
Cyto-Q t/f 1206 8-57771-00704-8 57771-0007-04 B4155 2 x 170 mL bottles
Cyto B7 1207 8-57771-00192-3 57771-0001-92 B4155 1 bottle x 30 mL
Cyto Carn 1208 8-57771-00110-7 57771-0001-10 B4155 1 container x 100 g
Cyto RALA 1209 8-57771-00111-4 57771-0001-11 B4155 1 container x 30 g
Cytolline 1210 8-57771-00116-9 57771-0001-16 B4155 1 container x 275 g
Cyto B1 1213 8-57771-00126-8 57771-0001-26 B4155 1 container x 100 g
Cytotine Powder 1214 8-57771-00138-1 57771-0001-38 B4155 1 container x 100 g
neoKe BCAA4 6003 8-57771-00112-1 57771-0001-12 B4155 1 container x 300 g
neoKe MCT70 6004 8-57771-00114-5 57771-0001-14 B4155 1 container x 300 g
neoKe BHB 6005 8-57771-00134-3 57771-0001-34 B4155 1 container x 150 g
Galaxtra 4001 8-57771-00109-1 57771-0001-09 B4155 1 container x 375 g
MannXtra 4002 8-57771-00121-3 57771-0001-21 B4155 1 container x 375 g
GlyMax 4003 8-57771-00119-0 57771-0001-19 B4155 1 container x 225 g
VB6 P5P 4006 8-57771-00132-9 57771-0001-32 B4155 1 container x 100 g
Cholesterol Synthesis
Cholextra t/f 5002 8-57771-00131-2 57771-0001-31 B4155 1 container x 110 g
CholexMax 5003 8-57771-00133-6 57771-0001-33 B4155 1 container x 125 g
PureCarb 7003 8-57771-00129-9 57771-0001-29 B4155 1 container x 600 g
PreKUnil 8001 8-57771-00142-8 57771-0001-42 A9270 1 container x 550 tabs
NeoPhe 8002 8-57771-00143-5 57771-0001-43 A9270 1 container x 550 tabs
NeoPhe Powder 8003 8-57771-00144-2 57771-0001-44
B4157 or B4162
1 container x 376 g
NanoVM 1-3 Powder 1113 8-57771-00113-8 57771-0001-13 B4104 1 container x 275 g
NanoVM 4-8 Powder 1148 8-57771-00148-0 57771-0001-48 B4104 1 container x 275 g
NanoVM 9-18 Powder 1918 8-57771-00105-3 57771-0001-05 B4104 1 container x 275 g
NanoVM t/f Powder 1190 8-57771-00104-6 57771-0001-04 B4104 1 container x 275 g
NanoVM Adult Powder 1125 8-57771-00135-0 57771-0001-35 B4104 1 container x 275 g
NanoVM Senior 71+ Powder 1171 8-57771-00136-7 57771-0001-36 B4104 1 container x 275 g

You may also order through national distributors. Click below to obtain ordering numbers from Cardinal Health, McKesson, and McKesson Medical Surgical.

Insurance Support

Our goal is to stay current in an ever-changing, insurance-driven healthcare world, and we recognize the shift into high individual/family deductibles and consumer-driven health plans. Your medical insurance policy contains a schedule of benefits that summarizes the payments made for Medically Necessary services, prescriptions, and medical foods that policyholders receive. Your insurance company’s definition of Medical Necessity is the key to understanding your coverage and possible payment for Solace Nutrition products. As such, you can trust Solace Nutrition to remain ethical in the behavior of truthfulness, honesty, and integrity regarding your sensitive healthcare needs. Our goal is to help you on an individualized basis to navigate the best way to obtain your nutritional products.

To determine your coverage options, contact your insurance company directly and inform them that your health care provider recommends a Solace Nutrition product for enteral nutrition. Often insurance companies cover Medical Foods under a DME or Durable Medical Equipment benefit. Insurance companies also cover Medical Foods under a benefit for Enteral Nutritional Therapy. 

Solace Nutrition products may require a Prior Authorization (PA) to gain coverage. 

If your supplier has questions regarding how to order our Medical Food products or issues regarding insurance coverage or reimbursement, please contact us toll-free at (888) 8-SOLACE for assistance. Questions may also be sent via email to dconti@solacenutrition.com.