Multiple Acyl-Coa-Dehydrogensae Deficiency (MADD)

Although MADD is not a deficiency, most healthcare professionals encounter every day, that doesn't mean there isn't a need for products that assist patients that have the deficiency. You'll find those products at Solace Nutrition.

As healthcare professionals know, MADD stands for Multiple Acyl-Coa-Dehydrogensae Deficiency. It is a disorder of amino acid and fatty acid oxidation, and Solace Nutrition supplements may help. Our supplements designed for patients with Multiple Acyl-Coa-Dehydrogensae Deficiency include:

GlyMAX: Pure, soluble and slightly sweet tasting glycine powder
neoKe BHB: Ketone powder in the form of beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB)

Solace Nutrition focuses on creating high-quality options that may support rare diseases and disorders, and MADD falls under this category. Our medical foods are available for purchase for those under medical supervision and current medical care. Healthcare professionals will find a wide range of high-quality options.