Clinical Supplements

Food allergies are a common health issue, and Solace Nutrition addresses the problem with our NanoVM line of clinical supplements. Our NanoVM clinical supplement line consists of a variety of vitamin and mineral powders available for purchase for those under medical supervision and current medical care.

Solace Nutrition clinical supplements are allergen tested at No Detectable Limit (NDL) for egg, milk, fish, crustacean, soy, gluten, corn, tree nuts and peanut. Each formulation in this hypoallergenic, carbohydrate-free line of powders is designed for a specific age range or usage. Our NanoVM t/f, for example, is specially developed for tube feeding, while others cover age ranges that span all ages.

  • NanoVM 1-3: Children aged 1 to 3 years old
  • NanoVM 4-8: Children aged 4 to 8 years old
  • NanoVM 9-18: Children aged 9 to 18 years old
  • NanoVM Adult: Adults aged of 19 to 70
  • NanoVM Senior 71+: Adults aged 71 or older
  • NanoVM t/f: Specifically designed for use via tube feeding