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How to Order

Retail Customers

The medical foods developed by Solace Nutrition are highly specialized, geared to specific rare disorders that may present differently among individual patients and/or be complicated by comorbid conditions. For this reason, our products may only be purchased on behalf of individuals under medical supervision and current medical care.

Solace Nutrition medical food products can be ordered directly from Solace Nutrition using our toll-free number, (888) 8-SOLACE, 9 am to 5 pm EST.

To place an order, the following is required:

  • A valid Consent Form from your physician or licensed dietitian
  • Valid credit card information (all major cards are accepted)

DME’s, Specialty Pharmacies, Hospitals

Solace Nutrition products can also be purchased through your DME (Designated Medical Examiner), specialty pharmacy, or hospital.

If your supplier has questions regarding how to order our medical food products, or issues regarding insurance coverage or reimbursement, please have them refer to this website and/or contact us toll free at (888) 8-SOLACE for assistance.

Questions may also be sent via email to sales@solacenutrition.com.

Customer Service Commitment

Solace Nutrition’s customer service and support personnel are dedicated to building lifelong partnerships with our customers through accessibility, open communication, and timely responses to all client concerns.

We are happy to work with both customers and/or their representatives – be they healthcare professionals, patients, or insurance company personnel – to resolve any issues that may arise and affect patient ease of access to our medical food products.

This is part of our larger commitment to doing whatever we can to support the improvement of patients’ quality of life and treating each client with compassion and empathy. Do not hesitate to contact us.