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NanoVM Adult & Senior 71+

NanoVM Adult & Senior 71+ is a powdered, hypoallergenic, vitamin and mineral supplement designed for adults with unique nutritional requirements. This soluble, unflavored vitamin and mineral powder is specially formulated for individuals having multiple food allergies. Refer to the FAQs listed on this page to learn more.

NanoVM Adult & Senior 71+ is allergen-tested at no detectable level (NDL) for eggs, dairy, fish, crustacean, soy, gluten, casein, tree nuts, and peanut. This product does contain corn and maltodextrin, a corn-derived carbohydrate.

Solace Nutrition recognizes that some situations may call for more in-depth knowledge, especially when our medical foods are used for managing specific medical conditions. Please contact one of our customer service experts immediately if this applies. We gladly offer one-on-one assistance for those who need it before utilizing NanoVM Adult & Senior 71+ to offer support to every applicable patient.

What is NanoVM?

The NanoVM product range includes two products for adults. The NanoVM Adult is for ages 19-70 and NanoVM Senior 71+ is for ages 71 and above. They are powdered, hypoallergenic, carbohydrate-free vitamin and mineral supplement line designed for adults with unique nutritional requirements.

What is the weight of 1 scoop of powder?

NanoVM Adult = 6.9 g
NanoVM Senior 71+ years = 4 g
Note: These weights represent 1 unpacked, level scoop. Actual weight may vary slightly.

How many servings in 1 bottle?

NanoVM Adult = 39 servings
NanoVM Senior 71+ years = 34 servings
Note: 1 serving delivers 25-30% DRI

Some nutrients fall outside the % DRI noted in the table above.

What is microencapsulation?

Microcapsules are tiny (nano) sized particles surrounded by a coating. The coating protects the ingredient to help it remain active and more effective through digestion. This novel technology of microencapsulation has been incorporated into NanoVM.

Is the NanoVM range hypoallergenic?

Yes. NanoVM is allergen tested and analyzed to No Detectable Level (NDL) for egg, milk, fish, crustacean, soy, gluten, tree nuts, and peanut.

Do the NanoVM products contain Corn?

Yes, the Vitamin C in all the NanoVM products is derived from corn. Also, a percentage of the carbohydrate in NanoVM is maltodextrin, which is corn derived as well.

How much carbohydrate is in one scoop of NanoVM Adult and NanoVM Senior 71+ years?

Two scoops of NanoVM Senior 71+ contains approximately 1 gram of carbohydrate, and one scoop of NanoVM Adult contains 0.83 grams of carbohydrate.

What is the source of carbohydrate?

Modified Food Starch, Sucrose, and Maltodextrin are used as processing agents in production of some of the raw materials.

Is NanoVM gluten and casein free?

Yes. Each production lot is tested in an independent lab for casein and gluten. The lot is released for sale when the test results confirm – “No Detectable Level” (NDL).

How is NanoVM Adult and NanoVM Senior 71+ best added to foods and liquids?

Both NanoVM formulas are best suited for semisolid and soft textured foods such as (puddings, purees, yogurt, gelatin desserts.) The powders can be added to thick liquids as they are dispersible. Adding NanoVM 1-3, NanoVM 4-8, or NanoVM 9-18 to thin liquids is not advised. These products are best added to thick fluids (milkshake consistency) as the beadlets of NanoVM are supported within the solution.

When I mixed NanoVM Adult/Senior into my formula, it turned orange/red, why? Color change is natural and to be expected. It is the vitamins leaching into the formula.