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neoKe® BHB

neoKe® BHB is a Medical Food for the dietary management of Multiple Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenation Deficiency (MADD), Mitochondrial Cytopathies, or conditions controlled by the ketogenic diet. This product is an unflavored, pure, dispersible, exogenous ketone powder in the form of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB). Refer to the FAQs listed on this page for more details.

What is BHB?

BHB stands for Beta Hydroxybutyrate, which is one of the ketones used in the body for energy.

How is BHB used for energy?

When fat in the body is converted to energy, the fat must get converted in the liver into a new chemical form, called ketones. It’s been clinically demonstrated that consuming BHB through diet, called exogenous ketones, they can produce rapid energy and accelerate getting the body into ketosis.

Why does neoKe® BHB contain BHB with calcium?

BHB by themselves are not stable, and by combining with mineral-like calcium, the product can be stabilized. A BHB Ca+ molecule is called a BHB salt.

How much neoKe® BHB should I take each day?

Daily intake should be determined by your healthcare professional.

How should I consume neoKe® BHB?

Measure the recommended amount of neoKe® BHB powder using the scoop in the container or by using a gram scale. Consume the powder by either sprinkling on food, mixing into moist foods, very thick liquids, or taking directly by mouth followed with water.

Can I use neoKe® BHB in tube feeding formulas?

neoKe® BHB is dispersible in formula, so it can be used for tube feeding.

How should neoKe® BHB be stored?

Unopened bottles should be kept in a cool, dry place. Reseal opened bottles, store in a refrigerator and use within 3 months.

How much BHB is in neoKe® BHB?

The jar contains 150 g of powder and 117 g BHB; 1 level scoop delivers 5 mg of powder with 3.9 grams of BHB.

What are the ingredients in neoKe® BHB?

It contains pure BHB calcium salt.

Is neoKe® BHB nutritionally complete?

No, neoKe® BHB should not be used as a sole source of nutrition.

Does neoKe® BHB contain allergens?

It is allergen tested at No Detectable Limit (NDL) for egg, dairy, fish, crustacean, corn, soy, gluten, tree nuts, and peanut.

Does neoKe® BHB contain other additives?

No, it is free from additives, preservatives, flavorings, & GMOs.