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NanoVM t/f

What is the weight of 1 scoop of powder?

NanoVM t/f = 5.6 g
Note: These weights represent 1 unpacked, level scoop. Actual weight may vary slightly.

What ages can use NanoVM t/f?

It can be used from ages 1-18. Below is a table to guide the dosing for the various ages.

Is NanoVM t/f tested for allergens?

Yes. NanoVM t/f is allergen tested and analyzed to No Detectable Level (NDL) for egg, milk, soy, wheat, fish, crustacean, shellfish, tree nuts, and peanut.

Is NanoVM t/f gluten and casein free?

Yes. Each production lot is tested in an independent lab for casein and gluten.

How does NanoVM t/f taste?

Many of the individual vitamins and minerals are coated to make it more palatable. It is not designed to be placed directly into the mouth, but when mixed into foods or liquids with the proper volume, most individuals find the taste acceptable.

Can NanoVM t/f be used in tube feedings?

Yes, it has been designed to be used in tube feedings. Add NanoVM t/f into formula to feed via gravity, bolus or pump feeding.

Will my health insurance pay for Nano VM t/f?

With a prescription from your healthcare provider, some individuals may be able to receive coverage through pharmacy or DME benefits. Coverage is dependent on medical necessity and may vary from state to state.

When I mixed NanoVM t/f into formula, it turned orange/red, why?
Color change is natural and to be expected. It is the vitamins leaching into the formula.