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    • Reimbursement Information
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Necese is a medical nutrition company founded with the intent to offer clinical nutrition products designed for individuals living with chronic disease. We work closely with key researchers of rare diseases to create safe, effective and safe nutritional products that offer a way to help manage these diseases.

As a small company, we typically look to small population diseases that need products. Our product development process looks at the market in two ways: analyzing established diseases without nutritional products meeting their needs or newly characterized diseases and conditions that need new products to match the products used in research. Our goal is to do our best to offer products that bridge the gap between what was clinically validated and what needs to be commercially available.

All our products use safe and clinically validated ingredients that may be consumed in convenient forms that best serve the individual conditions. We offer enteral products and serve both oral and tube feeding formats. Our products come in both powder and liquid form and typically have high concentration ingredients. All of our products must be taken under medical supervision. These products are not for the general population.

Necese is unique for several reasons:

  1. Delivery Collaboration – working in partnerships from product research to customer service
  2. Medical Essential Nutrients (MEN) – Nutritional ingredients that are essential to manage medical conditions or diseases

Delivery Collaboration

As a small company, our ability to succeed is based on working with other organizations. We view these other organizations as partners and it allows us to reach into other groups and leverage their competency and expertise in a way that increases Necese’s value to help people.

Our partners fall into four groups:

  • Researchers and Research Organizations
  • Patient Advocacy Groups
  • Technology Holders and Suppliers
  • Distributors and Retailers
  • Reimbursement Specialists

Medical Essential Nutrients (MEN)

The foundation of our business focuses on offering nutritional products that use ingredients at the proper levels to help with disease management. We call these ingredients, Medical Essential Nutrients (MED). Though they may be common nutrients, they are produced and formulated at levels are specific to the individual conditions and disease states. Further, since these products need to be consumed under medical supervision, the medical professional will also determine the dosage and serving size.


Products – see attached Product Specification Sheets


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  • Product Photo (Ryan taking the photos)
    mail product container to the following address:
  • Ryan Robillard
    310 Green Fern Circle
    Boonsboro, MD 21713
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  • Brochure (optional)

Customer Service

At Necese, our only real measure of success is helping our customers. Many steps are taken long before a customer sees our product, but customer service is the final step in our delivery. It is vitally important that we handle customers with compassion & empathy.

We seek excellence and our goal is to expand the field of advanced medical nutrition so that our customers can receive optimal quality of life. We are passionate in our pursuit of improving the lives of patients by bringing new therapeutic options to those with therapeutic and chronic medical needs

Necese’s customer service and support teams are dedicated to building lifelong partnerships with our customers by providing quality service and support.


Toll Free: (877) 872-9270

Local: (860) 495-0103

Fax: (401) 633-7025

Customer representatives are available from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday (closed all major U.S. holidays). If you are calling with a question regarding an order for one of our medical nutrition products, please have your order number or confirmation on hand to help facilitate faster service.



10 Alice Court

Pawcatuck, CT 06379

  • Orders are processed daily during normal business hours (excluding holidays recognized by the USPS), Monday – Friday (9 am-1:00 pm EST).
  • Products shipped from Necese DO NOT require a signature for delivery. Product will be delivered without a signature.
  • Inspect shipment(s) immediately upon receipt for visible damage. In case of damage notify Necese’s Customer Service at (877) 872-9270
  • Discrepancies, errors or damages must be reported to Necese Customer Service at (877) 872-9270 within 10 days of verified delivery of product.
  • Necese will ship to locations worldwide with customers responsible for all charges.
  • To return product, please contact Customer Service at (877) 872-9270.
  • Do not return product without prior authorization from Necese.
  • Necese will only accept product returns that meet the following conditions:
    • Product must be returned to (three) 3 months prior to expiration date.
    • All cases are intact and packaging is in good condition.
    • Product must be repackaged in an outer box with packing material.
    • No additional markings or labels have been added to the case or product.
    • Lot number of returned product is the same as lot number originally shipped.
    • Necese has granted authorization for return and the authorization number is visible on the outside of returned packages.
  • The customer shall pay all shipping charges for returned product to Necese, unless the nature of the return is due to Necese’s error.
  • Credit is issued on returned product after receipt and inspection by Necese personnel.
  • A 10% restock fee may be charged for product returned at the sole discretion of the company, unless the nature of the return is due to Necese’s error. Customer will be notified of any restock charges when return is authorized.

Reimbursement Information

All reimbursement information provided by Necese is for general guidance only. It does not represent a statement, promise, or guarantee by Necese concerning levels of reimbursement, payment, or charge, if any.

Coverage and payment for medical foods therapy is based on various factors, including but not limited to; medical necessity, the patient’s specific benefits plan, and individual insurance company’s policies and guidelines. It is the responsibility of the physician and patient to be knowledgeable of the applicable guidelines.

  • Requirements of your insurance plan.

In order to meet your insurance plan’s requirements, you may need to provide a Letter of Medical Necessity and a prescription from your doctor or health care provider. Check with your insurance plan’s representative to determine what steps need to be taken.

  • Limits of your insurance plan.

Review your insurance plan to determine if the benefit is covered, and to what extent it is covered. Keep surprises to a minimum; know any coinsurance payments or deductibles that have not been met.

  • Available billing options.

Ask whether you can obtain direct billing for metabolic products through your insurance provider. You may be able to authorize your insurance provider to pay for medical food products that are supplied to you. Direct billing can save you time, money and monthly paper work hassles, and it eliminates the inconvenience of having to pay for the foods upfront and then getting reimbursed by your insurance company.

  • When direct billing is not an option.

If direct billing is not an option when ordering medical food request two copies of the original invoice from the company that provided the products. Ask the company to include a statement on the invoice explaining that the products are used for medical dietary treatment. Make sure the policyholder’s name, policy number and patient name is on the invoice. Send the invoice to the claims manager identified through your insurance plan. Ask your insurance company whether it needs a letter of medical necessity and/or a prescription from your doctor or health-care provider that states why the medical foods or low protein foods are needed. Give the claims manager a courtesy heads-up call that the claim is coming. This contact person can likely help the process go more smoothly for you. Explain how important the products are to put a human face to the process and consider a personal thank you. People who care about customer service will appreciate it.

  • Know your Claims Manager.

Connect with the right person in your insurance company that follows special claims. Be sure to get their direct-dial line to avoid endless phone mail prompts. If we are unable to speak to a representative from your insurance plan within three attempts, we will contact you for a specific name and direct dial phone number in order to move your application through the approval process.


Ketogenic Diet
Glycosylation Disorders
General Links

National Organization for Rare Disorders

Sample Request

For any sample requests, please contact Necese at (877) 872-9270.


Reimbursement Information

Product NDC (Reimbursement Code) HCPCS


How to Order


Necese medical foods products can be ordered directly from Necese, toll (877) 872-9270, only after obtaining the following:

Consent form from your Physician or Dietitian

Valid credit card information (all major cards accepted)


Necese products can also be purchased through your DME, specialty pharmacy or hospital. If your supplier has questions regarding how to obtain medical food products, please have them call the toll free number (877) 872-9270 for assistance.

Questions may also be received via email to EMAIL. To place an order, please call the toll free number (877) 872-9270 between 9:00am and 5:00pm EST.