Reimbursement Information & Tips

Children healthcareAll reimbursement information provided by Solace Nutrition is for general guidance only. It does not represent a statement, promise, or guarantee by Solace Nutrition concerning levels of reimbursement, payment, or charge, if any.

Coverage and payment for medical foods therapy is based on various factors, including but not limited to; medical necessity, the patient’s specific benefits plan, and individual insurance company’s policies and guidelines. It is the responsibility of the physician and patient to be knowledgeable of the applicable guidelines.


In order to meet your insurance plan’s requirements, you may need to provide a Letter of Medical Necessity and a prescription from your doctor or health care provider. Check with your insurance plan’s representative to determine what steps need to be taken.


Review your insurance plan to determine if the benefit is covered, and to what extent it is covered. Keep surprises to a minimum; know any coinsurance payments or deductibles that have not been met.


Ask whether you can obtain direct billing for metabolic products through your insurance provider. You may be able to authorize your insurance provider to pay for medical food products that are supplied to you. Direct billing can save you time, money and monthly paper work hassles, and it eliminates the inconvenience of having to pay for the foods upfront and then getting reimbursed by your insurance company.

If direct billing is not an option when ordering medical food request two copies of the original invoice from the company that provided the products. Ask the company to include a statement on the invoice explaining that the products are used for medical dietary treatment. Make sure the policyholder’s name, policy number and patient name is on the invoice. Send the invoice to the claims manager identified through your insurance plan. Ask your insurance company whether it needs a letter of medical necessity and/or a prescription from your doctor or health-care provider that states why the medical foods or low protein foods are needed. Give the claims manager a courtesy heads-up call that the claim is coming. This contact person can likely help the process go more smoothly for you. Explain how important the products are to put a human face to the process and consider a personal thank you. People who care about customer service will appreciate it.


Connect with the right person in your insurance company that follows special claims. Be sure to get their direct-dial line to avoid endless phone mail prompts. If we are unable to speak to a representative from your insurance plan within three attempts, we will contact you for a specific name and direct dial phone number in order to move your application through the approval process.


For help with insurance support, we are proud to have a compassionate insurance reimbursement team on staff to assist our customers with the insurance navigation process. Please reference our Insurance Support page to contact our team for assistance.