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At Solace Nutrition, we believe that information is the basis of advancements promising a better quality of life for patients. A large part of this forward movement is having available the most current educational resources regarding rare, chronic diseases, including their management and treatment options.

As an extension of our research-oriented principles, we have compiled a list of internet links to scholarly, scientifically sound articles and websites, intended to assist our customers/patients learn the very latest scientific facts and research findings regarding topics in disease pathology.

Some of the referenced articles provide explanations of the pathology and etiology of various disorders. Others discuss therapeutic options for certain rare conditions. Most helpful may be the discussions of how specific, extensively researched compounds – many of which are used as ingredients in our product lines – may be utilized for dietary management of these oftentimes chronic maladies.

Resources are updated as new advancements are made, concurrently setting our Solace Nutrition team in motion to incorporate the very latest research breakthroughs in new medical foods to help patients.