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Cyto-Q Range

Cyto-Q Range is a medical food designed for dietary management for patients affected by mitochondrial cytopathies. As a liposomal ubiquinol solution packaged in 10 ml liquipaks, Cyto-Q Range enables small-volume dosing in pediatric patients or for small-dose daily use. In addition, CoQ10 as ubiquinol is more easily absorbed by the body. Refer to the FAQs on this page to learn more about this orange-pineapple-flavored, enteral liquid.

Cyto-Q Range is available for purchase only on behalf of individuals under medical supervision and current medical care. This product contains soy and is artificially flavored with sucralose.

Solace Nutrition recognizes that some situations may call for more in-depth knowledge, especially when our medical foods are used for managing specific medical conditions. Please contact one of our customer service experts immediately if this applies. We gladly offer one-on-one assistance for those who need it before utilizing Cyto-Q Range to offer support to every applicable patient.

How soon after the liquipak has been opened, does the liquid have to be consumed?

Cyto-Q liquid is stable in an opened packet, if it is folded tightly after drawing out the desired quantity of liquid.

How long can the liquid in an opened liquipak be kept before it needs to be discarded?

12 hours is the maximum time the liquid can be kept in an opened liquipak.

How soon after the liquid is added to juice, a tube feeding formula or another liquid, does Cyto-Q have to be consumed?

Once diluted (added to juice, tube feeding formula …), Cyto-Q needs to be consumed within a 2-3 hours.

How do you know if Cyto-Q has been oxidized (exposed to air for too long)?

Cyto-Q is a milky white color. The liquid will turn to an orange color when exposed to air for too long of a period.

Does Cyto-Q contain artificial or natural coloring?

Cyto-Q does NOT contain any natural or artificial coloring.

How much carbohydrate does one liquipak contain?

0.002 g carbohydrate in 1 liquipak.

Does Cyto-Q contain an artificial sweetener?

Yes, Sucralose is used to sweeten the liquid.

Why does the color of the liquid vary from batch to batch?

Color variation is due to the nature of CoQ10.