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Girl talking to doctorNecese is a medical nutrition company founded with the intent to offer clinical nutrition products designed for individuals living with chronic disease. We work closely with key researchers of rare diseases to create safe, effective and safe nutritional products that offer a way to help manage these diseases.

As a small company, we typically look to small population diseases that need products. Our product development process looks at the market in two ways: analyzing established diseases without nutritional products meeting their needs or newly characterized diseases and conditions that need new products to match the products used in research. Our goal is to do our best to offer products that bridge the gap between what was clinically validated and what needs to be commercially available.

All our products use safe and clinically validated ingredients that may be consumed in convenient forms that best serve the individual conditions.  We offer enteral products and serve both oral and tube feeding formats.  Our products come in both powder and liquid form and typically have high concentration ingredients. All of our products must be taken under medical supervision. These products are not for the general population.

Necese is unique for several reasons:
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Delivery Collaboration

Working in partnerships from product
research to customer service

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Medical Essential Nutrients (MEN)

Nutritional ingredients that are essential to
manage medical conditions or diseases

Delivery Collaboration

As a small company, our ability to succeed is based on working with other organizations.  We view these other organizations as partners and it allows us to reach into other groups and leverage their competency and expertise in a way that increases Necese’s value to help people.

Our partners fall into four groups:

  • Researchers and Research Organizations
  • Patient Advocacy Groups
  • Technology Holders and Suppliers
  • Distributors and Retailers
  • Reimbursement Specialists

Medical Essential Nutrients (MEN)

The foundation of our business focuses on offering nutritional products that use ingredients at the proper levels to help with disease management.  We call these ingredients, Medical Essential Nutrients (MED).  Though they may be common nutrients, they are produced and formulated at levels are specific to the individual conditions and disease states.  Further, since these products need to be consumed under medical supervision, the medical professional will also determine the dosage and serving size.