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General Info

The NanoVM Range has been formulated to provide all vitamin and mineral needs for children with unique requirements. Multiple allergies, gluten and casein free diets, fluid restrictions, low energy requirements or other restrictions result in vitamin and mineral intakes that do not meet an individual’s micronutrient needs.


NanoVM Powder

NanoVM 1-3
NanoVM 4-8


NanoVM Powder is a vitamin and mineral supplement designed by pediatric dietitians. Two scoops per day provide a child (between the ages of 1-3 and 4-8 years) 100% of the dietary recommended intake ( DRI's ).


NanoVM Powder incorporates proprietary microencapsulation technology. Microencapsulation coats the individual ingredients in a formula to help improve the stability and effectiveness of the product. Coating (microencapsulating) the offensive tasting vitamins and minerals provides the ability to offer a product that doesn't require artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives. NanoVM Powder has very little taste and no after taste.

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NanoVM t/f 9-18

NanoVM t/f


NanoVM t/f is a liquid vitamin and mineral supplement designed for individuals who are exclusively tube fed. Due to low energy requirements and/or fluid restrictions, tube feeding formulas do not always meet all the vitamin and mineral needs of the person. When added to tube feeding formulas, NanoVM t/f will help provide 100% of the DRI.

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